In September, don't miss the following 5 things in Moc Chau National Tourist Area

02:00 | 22/08/2022

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In September, don't miss these exciting experiences in Moc Chau.

SUP rowing - A new experience on Moc Chau plateau

SUP rowing - A new experience on Moc Chau plateau

SUP boat English name is "stand up paddle board" originating from South America and Africa. When returning to Vietnam, this model was enthusiastically supported by young people thanks to its simplicity. Rowers do not need to know how to swim, they just need to wear life jackets and master the rowing position to be able to move quickly and safely on the lake.

1. Step on the glass bridge that holds 3 world records

Just opened at the end of May 2022, so probably not many people have been able to try on the first glass bridge in Vietnam to reach the top 3 world records: Moc Chau Island is the newest and most modern tourist attraction in the area Moc Chau national tourism.

In September, don't miss the following 5 things in Moc Chau National Tourist Area
Bach Long Glass Bridge - Moc Chau

Here, the attraction of the glass bridge with 3 world records will make you impossible not to set foot. Bach Long Glass Bridge is:

- Bach Long Glass Bridge set the record of the world's longest cliff path by the Guinness World Records Organization (GWR).

- The World Records Association (WRA) awarded the certificate of the longest glass bottom bridge in the world.

- The Official World Record Organization (OWR) of Europe recognized the world's longest glass bridge at 632m.

In addition, visitors to the resort will be able to play a lot of interesting games such as air slide, stall jumping, spread dance, and many interesting games for children to enjoy the feeling of going out in the game zones.

2. Visit the most beautiful waterfalls in the Northwest

September is the rainy season in Moc Chau, so the waterfalls are full of water, not only beautiful but also have a majestic and cool feeling.

Moc Chau National Tourist Area owns a number of beautiful waterfalls peaking in the Northwest mountains:

- Dai Yem Waterfall: a beautiful and majestic waterfall with 3 high cascades associated with the close and faithful love story of a Thai couple who promise to wait. The waterfall now also has a glass bridge of love (the first glass bridge in Vietnam) as proof and attraction.

In September, don't miss the following 5 things in Moc Chau National Tourist Area
Fairy Waterfall

- Nang Tien Waterfall: The waterfall also has 3 floors, but it is 3 floors of endless length, with terraces, each level associated with mountains, forests, and green creating a watercolor painting in the mountain valley of Chieng Khoa commune. Van Ho district. Another interesting thing about this waterfall is that people not only watch and take pictures to check in but also freely swim and bathe in the clear blue water.

- Tat Nang Waterfall: in Chieng Yen commune, Van Ho district, although not as beautiful as the two waterfalls above, but has its own charm, and especially near the waterfall, there is a hot spring in Phu Mau village, everyone can soak Relax in the hot mineral water stream. If staying at the community stilt houses in Phu Mau village, Na Bai, visitors also have the opportunity to hunt beautiful autumn clouds in Na Bai village, where green rice fields are blooming.

3. Independence Day - Love market with Moc Chau ethnic groups

Moc Chau Independence Day is the common name people call for the September 2 holiday in Moc Chau. In the past, on this occasion, the H'Mong in the villages gathered in two towns of Moc Chau district to go out, take pictures, eat and drink, and celebrate the National Day.

This is also an opportunity for H'Mong boys and girls to date and then be lucky to be married, or also an opportunity for old friends to meet again to talk a couple of stories, drink a cup of wine to celebrate.

In September, don't miss the following 5 things in Moc Chau National Tourist Area
Moc Chau Independence Festival

Now, the Ethnic Culture Festival in Moc Chau district is held annually, attracting other ethnic groups to join in the fun, attracting tourists to visit. The market is more crowded and busier.

And especially after a few years of not being organized, this year the reorganized market will have many interesting activities: cultural activities of the street community, activities of ethnic cuisine contests, contests for pounding banh day, and soccer tournaments. Men's soccer is dedicated to athletes from the Mong ethnic group…

4. Enjoy the special fruits of autumn

Autumn is also the time when Moc Chau has the most variety of fruit trees to harvest:

- Visitors can enjoy crispy persimmons originating from Japan that are crunchy and sweet without vinegar or dipping.

In September, don't miss the following 5 things in Moc Chau National Tourist Area
Moc Chau crispy persimmon

- You can also enjoy Moc Chau avocado with delicious, sweet, and creamy varieties just like avocados in avocado regions with a long tradition in Vietnam.

- The vineyards of black summer, yellow dragon fruit, red dragon fruit ... are in the harvest season also provide more fruit options for visitors who like fresh and clean food.

You can go to farms or garden houses to visit, pick fruit, or eat fruit at the resorts where trees are available to serve guests. To buy, you can refer to specialty shops selling Moc Chau along Highway 6 such as: Moc Chau Food, Green Farm, Dairy Farm, Nam Hung Moc Chau, Suoi Tien Supermarket...

5. Going to the walking street, Moc Chau night market

One of the most interesting and awaited options on this occasion is the pedestrian street and Moc Chau night market.

Walking street and night market was built in the center of Moc Chau Farm town, with the main goal of providing tourists with experiences of local agricultural products, cuisine, and culture every evening. , especially every Saturday night.

This is not only a relaxing walking place, but also a unique cultural space honoring the beauty of Moc Chau national tourist area.


- The weather is erratic, when it is sunny, when it rains, so it is necessary to bring an umbrella or a thin raincoat.

- On this occasion every year, Moc Chau is also full of food and holiday services, so it is necessary to book the service in advance, to avoid being passive and not being able to book a place to eat and stay. In addition to large hotels and resorts, small motels and community houses on stilts should be an option when room "fire" occurs. Some good quality and reputable community stilt houses: Homestay Viet Hac Moc Chau, Colors of the Plateau, Hoa Moc Chau, Homestay Mai Thuan, homestay Huong Viet, Ut Thang...

In September, don't miss the following 5 things in Moc Chau National Tourist Area
Homestay Viet Hac Moc Chau

- Crowded, hot makes it difficult to avoid discomfort when waiting for service, most need sympathy and proactively bring food for children in case of hunger.

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