Lang Co Bay is worthy of the sea tourism paradise in Hue

10:19 | 20/02/2021

Lang Co tourists, when visiting this central land, will be able to see the peaceful and romantic beauty of the dreamland of Hue.

Lang Co tourism resort

Lang Co Bay is worthy of the sea tourism paradise in Hue

Tourists visiting the central region to Hue are often familiar with attractions such as the mausoleums. However, instead of that, there is a new tourist destination that is resorting at Lang Co Bay. Lang Co Bay, a tourist destination in Hue, is located at the foot of Hai Van Pass about 70 km from Hue city and more than 30 km from Da Nang city.

A few years ago, Lang Co tourism in Hue was just a stopover for tourists on the Hue - Da Nang route because there were not many accommodation facilities and accompanying services. However, in recent years, Lang Co beach resort has been evaluated as a destination for sea lovers coming to Hue. Lang Co Bay was honored as the 30th member of the Club "The most beautiful bays in the world" in 2009. There is a romantic scene with white sand dunes, clear blue sea, mixed with the blue mountains.

To travel to Lang Co, you can catch the Hue - Da Nang bus route that runs regularly during the day or rent a motorbike from Hue, costing about 80,000 VND / day. The way to Lang Co is your choice, follow National Highway 1A or follow the road 49B along Thuan An beach, Tam Giang lagoon, then cross Phu Gia pass.

Diverse activities when traveling to Lang Co

Lang Co Bay is worthy of the sea tourism paradise in Hue

Traveling to Lang Co, you are also free to participate in fun activities such as: fishing, scuba diving and mountain climbing, through the forest ... Feeling in harmony with nature and fishermen's life, combining manual activities, climbing, swimming, exploring majestic mountains ... nothing as refreshing as! This small and peaceful town gives visitors to Lang Co Bay a great time of relaxation and many games associated with the sea. In addition, visitors can enjoy precious seafood dishes and visit some beautiful scenes such as Chan May, Lang Co fishing village near the beach.

Sunset over Lang Co Bay

Lang Co Bay is worthy of the sea tourism paradise in Hue

It can be said that when traveling to Lang Co once to know the feeling of overwhelmed by nature, the beautiful scenery makes us stand still, do not want to leave. Especially, watching the sunset on the bay will bring luck to you. Because of the refreshing feeling in the soul, at the same time the eyes seem to be attracted by an invisible force from the charismatic painting of Lang Co Bay.

What to eat in Lang Co

Lang Co Bay is worthy of the sea tourism paradise in Hue

Coming to Lang Co, you must definitely enjoy the irresistible delicious seafood of this land. With the price "comfortable" but you will have to "pamper" because it is too delicious but the price is reasonable.

Grilled prickly snails, grilled oysters, boiled mussels, boiled clams, boiled lobsters and lobster porridge ... all the dishes that hear the name just want to come right back to Lang Co to enjoy. The prices here are not too expensive. With only about 600,000 VND, you can have a full meal with your teammates with delicious dishes such as lobster, clam, and mussels.

Source: Thua Thien Hue Tourism Portal