Mu Cang Chai - The pure beauty of nature

16:04 | 12/08/2022

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Mu Cang Chai is known as the dream destination of anyone. In which, Mu Cang Chai terraced fields are an artistic and architectural work full of creativity from the skillful hands of the Mong people living on this land.

More than 300km from Hanoi, Mu Cang Chai is now no stranger to tourists. Highway 32 connects a strip up to Lai Chau region, the craggy road bends along each mountainside, taking you through many beautiful scenes of the Northwest mountains. Crossing Khe pass, then Bo Hon slope to reach Tu Le. Tu Le is often the stop for most of the groups passing through here, because there are many delicious dishes, many places to go and take pictures.

Mu Cang Chai - The pure beauty of nature

Mu Cang Chai has a feature that visitors like very much, which is the cool weather all year round. Therefore, this place is very suitable for traveling all year round at any time.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the rice planting season, come in May or June, this is Mu Cang Chai in the pouring water season. At this time, Mu Cang Chai enters the period when the water season appears with the color of brown soil blending with the blue sky, adding the iridescent water surface like a mirror in the sky.

Mu Cang Chai - The pure beauty of nature

If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the golden rice strip and the faint scent of ripe rice, come to Mu Cang Chai in September or October, this is Mu Cang Chai in the ripe rice season. There is nothing more peaceful where you can both admire the peaceful countryside and hear the smell of ripe rice in the wonderful Northwest mountains.

Where is the most beautiful place to see Mu Cang Chai?

Tu Le terraced fields

Mu Cang Chai - The pure beauty of nature

This is considered the first place that you must definitely visit when traveling to Mu Cang Chai. Tu Le is a valley in Van Chan district, Yen Bai province. When coming here in autumn, you will admire the beautiful ripe golden or green terraced fields. An interesting point when coming here is that the Thai tradition of "bathing fairy" is still preserved until now.

Mu Cang Chai bamboo forest

Mu Cang Chai - The pure beauty of nature

From Mu Cang Chai town, it is about 20km by road from Na Hang Tua Chu bamboo forest in Pung Luong Commune. The forest covers an area of ​​about 1ha and has existed for more than 60 years. Coming here you have to cross the roads around there, difficult because there are very high slopes. But overcoming all the obstacles, you will see the green trees, thousands of beautiful bamboo trees.

Khau Pha Pass

Mu Cang Chai - The pure beauty of nature

It is one of the four great peaks of the Northwest mountains with winding and steep passes that are among the best in Vietnam. Khau Pha is like a long silk strip lying in the middle of the Northwest mountains and is always covered by white clouds like cotton drifting.

Thai version

Mu Cang Chai - The pure beauty of nature

Ban Thai is a small village peacefully located in the middle of the valley with simple roofs looming. If you want to enjoy the specialties of Thai people when traveling to Yen Bai, you must definitely come here, you will enjoy kitchen-guarded pork, sticky rice, grilled fish, ... and experience a herbal bath. Thai tradition.

Mu Cang Chai specialties

Glutinous Tu Le

Mu Cang Chai - The pure beauty of nature

Sticky rice made from Tu Le sticky rice is very flexible, delicious and has a sweet aroma. This is considered a famous specialty of Muong Lo field. These are some dishes not to be missed when coming to Mu Cang Chai, Tu Le glutinous rice grains are very special, they are long, stretchy and every grain is clear and delicious. Tu Le sticky rice is very soft and not wet or sticky. It also has a sweet taste, the more you chew it, the more fleshy it will be.

The nuggets Tu Le

Mu Cang Chai - The pure beauty of nature

Tu Le nuggets are also very famous in Mu Cang Chai Yen Bai. The nuggets here are made very elaborately by the Thai ethnic people, the nuggets are not crushed or crushed, but must be plucked and removed, ensuring the quality. Com is often eaten with ripe bananas, ripe red persimmons or can also be used to cook duck porridge, sticky rice, tea or seasoned with dishes such as fried shrimp, fried meat.

Roasted locusts

Mu Cang Chai - The pure beauty of nature

Locusts are available all year round, but they are most abundant in the harvest season, around May and September. Only in this season are grasshoppers very delicious and greasy. This is a dish that makes visitors very excited when coming to Mu Cang Chai.

The weather here often changes from sunny to rainy, so you need to bring many suitable and easy-to-improvise clothes. Moreover, for convenient travel in Mu Cang Chai, you should rent a motorbike to travel for convenience, because this place has not developed public transport or bus stations. In addition, you should note that you should bring enough money to be able to have fun and enjoy all the travel services here for the best experience. And the last thing is that traveling with your family can both bond family members and bring a cozy feeling of familiarity.

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