The delicate dishes from the lotus are delicious and attractive

15:12 | 22/02/2021

Lotus flowers are available with a sweet, benign taste that is very good for your health. While other flowers can be processed into folk dishes, the lotus flower is only suitable for delicate, regal dishes.

Not only is the pure flower but the lotus is also used delicately in Vietnamese dishes. To enrich your family's daily food menu, immediately refer to the special lotus dishes below.

Crispy lotus petals

The delicate dishes from the lotus are delicious and attractive

When the lotus is plugged in, it only lasts about 2 days. The petals after falling are still fresh, you can pick them up and wash them to dry. Making deep-fried lotus petals is as simple as making other fried foods.

Ingredients include petals, fried flour and cooking oil. Lotus wings are covered with fried flour, put into a pan of boiling oil, fry both sides and take out, drain the oil. Cooking dishes are easy but difficult because lotus petals are thin, if too little flour will burn, too much flour will be hard. When making the dough must be very smooth, the dough cling just enough, frying just to take out. The lotus petals fried to eat crunchy like a snack. Children will love this dish.

Steamed duck with lotus flowers

The delicate dishes from the lotus are delicious and attractive

There is a delicacy from the lotus flower of the fine court delicacy is the lotus steamed duck. People choose duck, fat, stretch skin to clean, use alcohol and ginger to rub inside, outside to deodorize. Then bring the duck marinated with five flavors with salt, pepper, onion, garlic to absorb. Lining a few layers of lotus petals underneath and covering the duck with lotus petals and steaming it over embers for about half an hour.

When the duck is ripe, diners enjoy the fragrant duck meat with delicate petals. Thus, how many fragrances of flowers are absorbed in each duck meat, sweet and rich in lotus flavor.

Lotus meat cake

The delicate dishes from the lotus are delicious and attractive

One of the dishes from the lotus is also quite new which is the lotus meat cake. With ingredients include: fresh lotus, minced meat, soy sauce, diced powder, ground pepper powder, salt, cooking oil and sugar.

The way to do is also quite simple as follows: fresh lotus will be separated from each wing and added to salt water to wash, drain and chopped. The minced meat adds enough necessary spices, mix well the lotus flower and mold into a small round cake. The cakes will be fried crispy, golden on an oil pan and you can enjoy the whole family right away.

Lotus tea

The delicate dishes from the lotus are delicious and attractive

Referring to lotus tea is to immediately mention the famous West Lake lotus of Hanoi or the Tinh Tam lotus lake of Hue. From here, the famous lotus tea drinks captivate many visitors near and far.

After being removed from the fresh lotus buds, lotus stigmas must be brought back to marinate with tea to keep the fragrance. Also in Tinh Tam lotus pond, the way of marinating lotus tea to offer to the old King was even more elaborate. Tea is embalmed at night, when the lotus has just opened, it is the time when heaven and earth are in harmony, when the scent is most fragrant. Tea is placed in the heart of the flower and then tied to it, not allowing the flower to bloom. Marinated overnight, the tea will absorb all the delicate fragrance of the lotus. The next morning, collect tea and pack it tightly.

Whether it is lotus tea in Hanoi or Hue, when enjoyed, it is rich and tasting lotus, not possible.

In addition to the above lotus dishes, there are many dishes made from lotus flowers, lotus seeds such as lotus seed porridge, lotus seed tea longan, lotus root kimchi, lotus seed soup, and dishes from the gaze. Lotus like sauteed lotus, fresh shrimp, ... brings rich and diverse flavors of Vietnamese cuisine.​​​​​​​

Van Anh