Famous food in Ha Long

16:39 | 12/08/2022

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In addition to attractive tourist destinations, Ha Long specialties also captivate many tourists who have come here.

Ha Long is a beautiful bay located in the west of the Gulf of Tonkin, twice recognized by UNESCO as a natural heritage of the world. Ha Long tour you not only enjoy the beautiful natural picture of the Creator, discover world-class amusement parks, but also have the opportunity to enjoy famous specialties.

Squid rolls

Famous food in Ha Long

When it comes to Ha Long food , surely the first name that many people will think of right away is grilled squid. This is not only an ordinary dish, but it also contains the quintessence of Ha Long culinary culture , becoming the pride of every Quang Ninh citizen . If you go on a Ha Long tour and you do not enjoy this "culinary peak" dish, it is indeed a shortcoming in your Ha Long trip.

Ha Long squid cake was also honored to be voted as one of the 50 most famous specialties of Vietnam and reached the top 10 dishes that set an Asian record in 2013.

Sea Sam

Famous food in Ha Long

Sea sam is also considered as one of the delicious dishes in Ha Long you should not miss. This is an arthropod crustacean, belonging to the same family as crabs and living a lot in the waters of Ha Long. Sea sam can be used to process into many different dishes such as: sam salad, fried sam with chili pepper, fried sweet and sour sam, steamed sam, grilled sam...

Sea sam meat has moderate toughness, rich sweetness and extremely attractive aroma. To process sea sam requires the chef to have ingenuity and meticulousness. When enjoying, you will feel a very unique flavor of Ha Long sea sam that is rarely found anywhere else.

Ha Long dish

Famous food in Ha Long

Bored is a Ha Long dish with a rather special name that when you hear it, you may think that it is not attractive at all. However, once you enjoy it, you will surely fall in love immediately by the special delicious taste of this dish.

Ngan is a type of seafood that has a very similar appearance to a clam and lives a lot in the waters of Ha Long. Bored can be processed into many different dishes such as: steaming, baking, stir-frying or cooking porridge... Regardless of the method of cooking, diners will always feel the delicious, greasy taste and unique scent. of Ha Long.

Nodding cake

Famous food in Ha Long

The way to make cakes nods in the same form as how to make banh cuon. When eating, dip the piece of cake in a cup of special dipping sauce along with a piece of carefully marinated braised meat. The most famous nodding cake is in Tien Yen. However, throughout the regions of Quang Ninh, you can find this delicious and unique nodding cake.

Quang Yen sour spring rolls

Famous food in Ha Long

The ingredients for making spring rolls are all common things. Pork skin is finely chopped, hearing is made of beans or roasted rice and pounded roasted peanuts, all mixed together very well. It's as simple as that, but through the secret of processing, mixing and dipping sauce, the countryside gifts become strange and attractive.

Soybean in Tien Yen

Famous food in Ha Long

Ca Sa is a hybrid duck, the taste has both and is processed by the hands of the Tien Yen people to become more delicious. The Tien Yen people make casuarina meat, processing its specialized dipping sauce. A dipping sauce with the aroma of Cai Rong, Van Yen, and Cat Hai fish sauce, has the sweet taste of Guangxi sassafras along with the mild taste of Tien Yen ginger grown in her homeland.

Worship Ha Long

Famous food in Ha Long

One of the delicious Ha Long dishes that you must try is Sa worm, also known by many other names such as ginseng, sea worm, etc. This is a rare and common seafood. in the coastal area of ​​Quan Lan.

From the meat, it can be processed into many attractive dishes such as: grilled samosa with salt and pepper, deep fried or fried sweet and sour. Some people even like to eat it raw to feel the full flavor of this expensive seafood. Today's Sa Sung is not only processed on the spot but also dried, becoming a specialty of Ha Long bought as a gift that is loved by many tourists.

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