Food tourism - Eel porridge, Xu Nghe soft cake

13:50 | 21/02/2021

Eel vermicelli, eel porridge with small copper eels, slim body, fleshy meat with eye-catching yellow color, sweet and strange taste has long been a specialty that holds visitors' feet every time there is a chance to stop. in Nghe origin.
Nam Pho cake - As delicate as the soul of the ancient capital
Food tourism - Eel porridge, Xu Nghe soft cake

Eel shop in Vinh city

Eel is one of the dishes that you cannot help but experience when having the opportunity to come back to Nghe An. You can easily find Eel porridge shop in Vinh city - where the most concentration of Eel porridge shops in Nghe. Each shop has its own characteristics, but all the visitors nodded in agreement: Eel Porridge, Eel Soup was delicious and very delicious.

Food tourism - Eel porridge, Xu Nghe soft cake

Eel will be soaked with salt until it is no longer viscous. Then, the chef rinsed the eel with warm water and squeezed it with lemon before boiling it in the pot. To get a delicious and attractive eel dish, the owner reveals the secret: The eel is boiled through turmeric to reduce the fishy smell and then the scallions are filled with aromatic oil, then the eel is put into the pan, adding a little cashew powder. , spicy chili powder. Spices also include turmeric, a little chili.

The porridge pots are usually north to the kitchen very early, around 3:30 am to serve tourists every morning. If the soup cooked directly with the eel produces a rich flavor, preparing the porridge is somewhat more elaborate. Thanks to the stew with pork bones, the porridge has a natural sweet taste.

Food tourism - Eel porridge, Xu Nghe soft cake

The hot meal with the smell of eel meat, along with herbs and spices will make you unable to pamper. When enjoying, diners can add a little chili vinegar or fresh chili to increase flavor.

Banh Meo - a specialty that few people know, but eating is love

Besides the famous eel-processed dishes, banh meu is another specialty in Nghe An. Gourmets here often go to the coastal district of Dien Chau - where many families have been baking for generations. For people in this area, this is a familiar breakfast food before the start of the new day.

In order to produce a true delicious cake, choosing rice is the most important step. In the past, the Dien Chau people used to grow Sesame rice in Quynh Luu district, Nghe An. Now, not many families still prefer this type, instead, they use plain rice. The rice must be soaked for 3 hours and then crushed, then soaked for another 3 to 6 hours to be fully “cooked”.

After the kitchen group boils water, people will take the juice of the pot of dipping powder the day before to cover the cake. The coating pot must have a fine cloth on top. The fire was so loud, the water was boiling, the chef used the ladle, scooped up each patch of powder, spread it thinly on top and covered it, waited a while. The same way as rolls or wet cakes.

Food tourism - Eel porridge, Xu Nghe soft cake

Depending on the ingenuity that the chef will decide the thickness or thickness of each cake. The pieces of cake cooked by the heat of the steam are pulled out, and then immediately, people will curl up and place in a basket already lined with banana leaves.

One can use fish sauce dipping lemon juice with fish sauce. Many places also make more lava from spinach or banana to serve. To a little bit more, you can use soft cake with duck, chicken, stewed beef or stir-fry (pork organs like heart, liver, heart, kidney, stomach and rice bowl, blood).

To be delicious, the ingredients purchased must be fresh. After pre-processing, all are turned to the pan on the oil pan with the aromatic scent before, add spices to taste. The last step is to add more water, wait until it boils again and you can use it.

When enjoying, you can pick up each piece of cake dipping into a cup of fish sauce and then slowly bring it to your mouth, slurping more pieces of the heart disturbance is enough flavor.

Currently, many restaurants serve with baskets of raw vegetables to eat with. Many places also sell more rolls to increase the flavor. No matter how you eat it, the cake is still a traditional, rustic and typical dish of the soul of Nghe's country that if you have the opportunity to visit, you definitely cannot ignore.

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