Nam Pho cake - As delicate as the soul of the ancient capital

01:04 | 21/02/2021

Delicious food is often associated with the land of birth. Nam Pho cake soup too. Up to now, there is no place making Nam Pho soup as delicious as ... the people of Nam Pho, Hue.

Hue vegetarian rice

Hue vegetarian rice

Hue vegetarian rice is a favorite traditional dish from popular to aristocrats in Hue. Someone once said that in Hue, the mountain is not high, the river is not deep, but people's hearts are quiet because they know how to practice, know how to vegetarian for a pure soul.

Wherever they go, the Hue people are proud of this famous dish of the world and introduce to distant friends to enjoy the simple but delicate dish like the soul of the ancient capital.

Nam Pho cake - As delicate as the soul of the ancient capital
Nam Pho cake soup - as delicate as the soul of the ancient capital /


Main ingredients: Rice flour (300g), tapioca flour (50g), ground shrimp (200g), live sausage (100g), bacon (100g), 1 crab (200g)

Ingredients to eat: Onions, cilantro, lemon, garlic, chili

Spices: Seasoning seeds, fish sauce, pepper, salt, sugar, cashew color


Step 1: The bacon is just washed, sliced ​​into small pieces, marinated with a little fish sauce, pepper and chopped garlic onion. When you buy crabs, you remove the bricks to make a separate cup. The rest you bring in the pot with shrimp, then add about 2l of water, and then boil. When the prawns and crabs are ripe, take them out, peel the meat and draw off the water to make broth.

Step 2: Crab meat and shrimp are crushed, then mix well with raw rolls. When mixed, taste with: 1 tablespoon fish sauce, pepper, 1 teaspoon sugar, minced garlic onion. Mix it all together, then let it sit for about 30 minutes to infuse the spices.

Nam Pho cake - As delicate as the soul of the ancient capital
Nam Pho cake soup - as delicate as the soul of the ancient capital /

Step 3: Take 300g of rice flour mixed with 500ml of water, stir to dissolve and brush through the sieve to make the dough smooth. Next, put the powdered water in a pot, cook over low heat, stir well until the dough thickens and becomes sticky. Wait until the dough cools, put the flour in the food bag, cut the corner to squeeze the cake. Continue, you put water in the pot to boil and squeeze the cake soup drop into the pot; cook the cake soup until it is done, then take it out and rinse it with cold water.

Step 4: Non-fragrant garlic onion, then add marinated bacon with crab bricks and stir-fry. If the crab bricks are not red, you can add a little cashew oil to make the soup cake look beautiful, then add the mixture to the broth.

Step 5: Put the raw sausage, shrimp and crab mixture into the food bag with cut corners. Next, squeeze the rolls and put in the pot of broth.

Step 6: Add 50g of powdered energy to 200ml of cold water, stir until the powder dissolves and put in the pot of broth. Season the broth with spices to taste and stir well until the broth is viscous. When the ingredients are cooked, add the chopped scallions and turn off the heat.


Not only absorbed by the taste, the cake soup bowl is very attractive with the white color of the cake mixed with shrimp and meat and the green color of green onion. When using, remember to add a little green chili fish sauce, a few cilantro stalks. The rich flavor of shrimp meat and cilantro onions blends with the noodle cake to create a special feature for this specialty dish.

Nam Pho cake - As delicate as the soul of the ancient capital
Nam Pho cake - As delicate as the soul of the ancient capital
Simple but delicate dishes /

Nam Pho cake is only sold in the afternoon, so if you want to eat earlier, you will accept it, if you arrive too late, then it will end, a way to test the patience of the customers when coming to Hue, just like waiting for people. love dates.

Nam Pho cake soup is currently priced at 15,000 VND / bowl, you will surely eat while drinking because the price is too cheap compared to the quality of a specialty dish. That is also a unique feature of Hue Cuisine.

Suggested address

- Quan Thuy (16 Pham Hong Thai, Hue City)

- Nam Pho Banh Canh - O Thu Duck Cake (374 Chi Lang, Hue City)

- Hue specialty restaurant Nam Pho (54 Nguyen Cong Tru, Hue City)

- Nam Pho O Hang Banh Canh (16 Ha Huy Tap, Hue City)


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