Snacks that are popular with foreign tourists

02:00 | 18/08/2022

Theo dõi Du lịch - Năng lượng xanh trên
In the eyes of international friends, Vietnam is a country with a very unique traditional culture, especially with a rich and diverse cuisine with countless dishes that are not only delicious but also extremely popular. loved by many foreign tourists.
Snacks that are popular with foreign tourists

Fried dough

Fried dough is one of the most famous street food in Ho Chi Minh City.

True to the name, fried dough is a simple snack made from rice flour, tapioca flour mixed with water, added a little spice, then steamed, cooled, cut into squares and then steamed. deep fry in oil, then add eggs and onions until golden crispy.

Baked rice paper

Baked rice paper is a type of cake made from thinly coated rice flour, dried and then baked on charcoal, topped with different ingredients depending on taste, from eggs to meats and this type of cake is also known as rice paper - "Vietnamese pizza".

Pillow cake & shrimp cake

Pillow cake with filling is made from ground pork with mushrooms, vermicelli, eggs, the outer shell is flour, deep-fried in oil, when eaten with sweet and sour fish sauce. And shrimp cakes are also made from a mixture of flour, eggs, sliced ​​sweet potatoes and shrimp, then deep-fried and also dipped with sweet and sour fish sauce, served with raw vegetables, helping diners not have the feeling of being sick of fat. want to eat two.

Chicken soup

A dish often used to nourish people who have just woken up, it is actually a snack for many students, students or those who need to fill their stomach with a nutritious but not too heavy meal.

Chicken porridge has very simple ingredients, it is cooked from fragrant glutinous rice, add a little sticky rice to thicken, minced or shredded chicken, served with sliced ​​quarts.


This is one of the most popular and favorite snacks in Vietnam. There are many snail dishes, from incense snails, nail snails, stone snails, lion snails... and whether it is boiled snails or fried snails, they all have a very attractive and irresistible taste when dipped with them. chili sauce or dipping sauce mixed with chili, ginger and lime leaves.


One dessert that makes JB & Renée not to be missed is the traditional Vietnamese tea. Whether eaten hot or with ice, it is delicious, especially for those who like sweets, especially in the summer, a glass of iced tea has a very good cooling effect.

Mango cake

Even though it's called mango cake, it doesn't contain any mangoes, and doesn't even have the yellow color of mangoes.

Mango cake is actually a cake made from rice flour, with a filling made from peanuts and sugar. The name mango cake comes from the fact that it is shaped like a mango seed.

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