SUP rowing - A new experience on Moc Chau plateau

18:01 | 13/08/2022

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SUP boat English name is "stand up paddle board" originating from South America and Africa. When returning to Vietnam, this model was enthusiastically supported by young people thanks to its simplicity. Rowers do not need to know how to swim, they just need to wear life jackets and master the rowing position to be able to move quickly and safely on the lake.
SUP rowing - A new experience on Moc Chau plateau

For SUP boat players, they will experience the most relaxing moments after a stressful working week. The lake is surrounded by only clear blue water and calm nature. When you paddle out to the middle of the lake, you will breathe in the fresh air and be immersed in a quiet natural space.

Besides, regular SUP rowing also helps rowers get a healthier body. When rowing, you will have to keep balance, so it requires your legs, hips and waist to work at full capacity to not fall. So, soon, you will have the toned body as desired.

SUP rowing - A new experience on Moc Chau plateau

What's interesting about SUP in Moc Chau?

Like kayaking or windsurfing, SUP sailing is considered as one of the exciting sports for enthusiasts to experience underwater. SUP boats are made from many materials such as wood, synthetic plastic, the popular type is still the type made from inflatable rubber due to its neat and convenient advantages for long-distance travel with a length of about 350cm, a width of about 84cm, weight from 8kg to 10kg, load capacity up to 150kg. Players can freely choose many places to paddle such as sea, lake, river, stream ...

SUP rowing - A new experience on Moc Chau plateau

As a new sport introduced to Moc Chau, SUP sailing has attracted a lot of attention from tourists as well as local young people, all of whom are passionate about sports and new experiences.

One can leisurely lie on the SUP or leisurely paddle on the water at dawn every morning, or in the evening sunsets amidst the rustic, poetic natural scenery of a clear blue waterfall or stream. Dreamy water surrounded by green rice, far away are soaring ranges.... all bring a pleasant feeling of relaxation or bring super beautiful and unique photos, and help the body at the same time. more durable and resilient.

What places can experience SUP paddling in Moc Chau National Tourist Area?

SUP rowing - A new experience on Moc Chau plateau

Rowing soup at Nang Tien waterfall, Chieng Khoa commune, Van Ho district

SUP rowing - A new experience on Moc Chau plateau

The ideal popular place for the Moc Chau SUP rowing program is usually the Fairy Waterfall. There are not many waves here, especially the water flowing down from the waterfall is super beautiful. This place is both large enough and beautiful enough for beginners to experience and have good photos to show off to friends. This is also a place where people have more options to swim on the waterfall, catch fish, enjoy tea.... Lunch at the waterfall is extremely interesting.

SUP rowing - A new experience on Moc Chau plateau

Rowing soup in the rice fields or the surface of Moc Chau lake

In addition, there are other equally interesting options such as rowing SUP in the rice fields in Phieng Canh area, Ta Phenh in Moc Chau, where there are vast fields of water, sometimes there are areas with lots of water, Climbing sub is as beautiful as a fairy tale.

SUP rowing - A new experience on Moc Chau plateau

If you don't have much time to roam, climbing SUP in the wide calm lakes in Moc Chau is also a favorite experience of locals.

Boating sup on Song Da

For tourists who have experienced SUP rowing many times, they often choose the more adventurous SUP experience program, which is SUP rowing along the Da River. If you are a surfer, professional SUP player and want to try your hand at more stimulating locations. Then a SUP ride along the Da River will definitely bring you unforgettable memories.

SUP rowing - A new experience on Moc Chau plateau

Cheo Sup is quite fun, interesting and unique, but for amateur players, buying yourself a set of sup just for occasional use is too wasteful. Understanding the trend and needs of visitors to enjoy SUP experiences, Moc Chau Retreat resort has launched a product SUP tour Moc Chau. In order to combine sports and tourism, bringing visitors new experiences when coming to Moc Chau Plateau. The program will take guests to visit the most beautiful waters of Moc Chau and experience climbing SUP here.

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