The most beautiful photography spots in Dong Van - Ha Giang

02:30 | 17/08/2022

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Dong Van - Ha Giang is a land of mountains and forests, peaceful and gentle nature.

Dong Van is one of the famous tourist destinations, welcomed by many tourists by the wild and majestic beauty of the rocky plateau and the peace and gentleness of the ethnic villages. If you intend to set foot in this place, you must immediately refer to the most beautiful photography spots in Dong Van Ha Giang below to bring yourself the best "shoots" of photos!

1. Thien Huong Dong Van Village

The most beautiful photography spots in Dong Van - Ha Giang
The peaceful but gentle national cultural beauty of Thien Huong Dong Van Village/

This is one of the beautiful villages hidden behind Dong Van old town. This is where the largest concentration of Tay people live. Coming to Thien Huong village, you will be immersed in the space of the ancient, of the peaceful and gentle national cultural beauty today.

The most prominent feature of the village is the ancient banyan trees, which are yin and yang tiled roofs. Surely when coming to this village - famous spot of Dong Van, you can catch the most beautiful moments of the most beautiful mountain nature. You can take pictures according to the ethnic concept in the middle of the village, under the thousand-year-old trees. Tourists come to Dong Van every year a lot because of the space of irresistible beauty of this hundred-year-old ancient village.

2. Dong Van Lao Xa Village

The most beautiful photography spots in Dong Van - Ha Giang
Lao Xa Dong Van/

For those who love poetic beauty, the beauty of mysterious dreams, Lao Xa village is definitely the most suitable Dong Van attraction. Especially in the winter time, Lao Xa village is covered with a yellow canola flower, pink peach blossoms bloom everywhere. Winter space on Lao Xa village is the space of the most peaceful and magical.

You should visit this village in the cold season to feel the beauty and comfort of the space here! Most of this village is mountainous with strange trees. Lao Xa village is quite small and sparsely populated. That's why it retains the wildest beauty of the mountains and forests here.

3. Ma Pi Leng

The most beautiful photography spots in Dong Van - Ha Giang
Code Pi Leng/

Ma Pi Leng is an extremely beautiful and typical symbol of the Dong Van people. This is a very famous pass of the Dong Van people. It symbolizes the arduous but very familiar challenges of the people here. This is the pass that has entered poetry for many generations. If you have read the poem "Tell me", you will surely understand the human meaning of this high pass.

When going up the pass, you also have the opportunity to admire the beauty of Nho Que river when standing from above. This place is the meeting point of nature and heaven, between the beauties of mountains and rivers and streams. You will feel the pleasant feeling of nature in just a minute of silence. This is the place where you can collect a lot of beautiful photos of nature, of heaven and earth.

4. Lo Lo Ethnic Village

The most beautiful photography spots in Dong Van - Ha Giang
The earth-walled houses of the Lo Lo ethnic group - typical of the ethnic groups in Ha Giang/

Lung Cu Dong Van flagpole is a famous relic that cannot be missed when coming to Dong Van. And right below the Lung Cu flagpole, what you need and should explore is the Lo Lo ethnic village. If you look down from the Lung Cu flagpole, you will surely admire the space of the ancient roofs in succession. You will admire the beauty of a village that has been lying under the trees for many years.

Coming here, you should visit the traditional houses to feel the whole culture of the ethnic people here. Talking about nature, Lo Lo ethnic village is the place that gives you the most dreamy nature photos. You can record the space of nature birds chirping in the mountains every morning. You can admire the misty mornings with the figure of women dressed in traditional clothes going into the forest to pick leaves… The beauty of Lo Lo is the beauty of a fairy forest where people and nature Nature blends together to create vitality for a land that seems to have been forgotten.

5. Ta Lung

The most beautiful photography spots in Dong Van - Ha Giang

Ta Lung is the main residence of the Mong ethnic group. This is a small commune bordering Dong Van town. Mainly, there are rocky hills, pristine and pleasant green areas. There are not many special scenes here, but you will have the opportunity to meet ethnic people wearing traditional clothes. You can delve into the culture of the Mong people. In addition, you can also explore traditional ethnic foods and discover new cultural features. This is something that young people today are extremely interested in when visiting and traveling in mountainous places like this.

The most beautiful photography spots in Dong Van - Ha Giang

Currently, Dong Van is one of the tourist attractions that attract a lot of tourists and love to discover new things to visit. Dong Van is home to the Nung, Tay and Mong ethnic groups, so coming here you can not only visit the nature but also discover the cultural features here in the most interesting way. The most suitable place to visit Dong Van is around November to January next year because this is the time when the flowers and forests are at their most beautiful.

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