Visit Sapa, resort in the Northwest style!

02:00 | 19/08/2022

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Sa Pa is known as an indispensable tourist destination in the journey to experience stops and resorts close to nature; is a place that anyone wants to come to every time they visit the Northwest.
Visit Sapa, resort in the Northwest style!
Sa Pa under the dreamy fog/

Sa Pa is the most famous tourist destination of Lao Cai province. Discovered and built by the French nearly 120 years ago. Sapa is about 40 minutes drive from Lao Cai city, in the future the distance can be shortened when the Lao Cai - Sa Pa highway comes into operation.

With a special location - when located on the highest part of Fansipan peak, here has built the longest and most beautiful 3-wire cable car in the world, transporting thousands of tourists every day to visit the "rooftop" of Indochina".

Coming to Sa Pa, visitors are not only "bewildered" by the ancient beauty hidden in the mist but also by the winding walking paths along the banks of picturesque terraced fields. The majestic but equally poetic natural scenery and the unique cultural identity of the ethnic communities in the Northwest highlands become a special leaven, captivating people's hearts.

It is no coincidence that for many years in a row, the name Sa Pa is constantly mentioned as a bright spot in Vietnam tourism. Experts say that: In addition to the "heaven-given" advantages, Sa Pa's smokeless industry is really taking off because of its high-quality and classy products - forming a value chain capable of retaining and urge visitors to come back to relax and explore.

Coming to Sapa, visitors cannot miss resorts such as:

1. Topas Ecolodge

About 20km from Sa Pa town, surrounded by Ban Lech, with the direction of Hoang Lien Son mountain, and Hoang Lien National Park, Topas Ecolodge owns the beauty that embraces the mountains and the poetic nature.

Visit Sapa, resort in the Northwest style!
Panorama of Topas Ecolodge Sapa Resort/

Here four seasons rotate in a day, a fairyland, an oasis in the midst of a sea of ​​clouds. This position easily makes people feel small before the grandeur of the Creator, but also great in front of the mountains and forests.

Prominent in the design of the Resort is the ingenious combination of two sources of thought, two Eurasian and Asian cultures, seemingly opposite but strangely compatible with each other.

Visit Sapa, resort in the Northwest style!
Visitors to Topas Ecolodge Sa Pa resort to experience the life of indigenous people in the Northwest/

One side is liberal, open, simple, but still keeping the solemnity and sophistication. On the other hand is the meticulousness and refinement in each design, retaining the cultural identity, not being overshadowed by the change. This makes Topas Ecolodge Sa Pa special with its own beauty, unmistakable with any other Sapa Resort in the reigning nature.

The resort's bungalows are designed to make the most of the open space, natural light, with neutral colors, creating a feeling of comfort, blending with the nature of the Northwest mountains.

Visit Sapa, resort in the Northwest style!
The infinity salt water pool covers the foggy town view/

With a unique infinity saltwater swimming pool on the top of the mountain along with a mini bar, there are full drinks for visitors to choose from such as coffee, cocktails, juices, wine, or some traditional wines of Vietnam. Indigenous Peoples. With the motto of sustainable development, Topas EcolodgeSa Pa Lao Cai pays special attention to regional cuisine, so that it can both have a diversity in cuisine, and ensure health and hygiene, which can be preserved. traditional taste.

It can be said that Topas Ecolodge is the top resort in the mountains and forests, worth once to experience when coming to Sa Pa.

2. Chapa Ecolodge

Chapa Ecolodge is located on a beautiful hill in a central location in Lao Chai commune, Ta Van village of Sa Pa. It has a 360-degree view of the entire valley and terraced fields. Only 4.5km from Sapa town, Chapa Ecolodge has the inherent peace and quiet of the villages. This is also a place with convenient transportation because Chapa Ecolodge is located on the Y Linh Ho - Muong Hoa trail.

Visit Sapa, resort in the Northwest style!
Chapa Ecolodge gives visitors the feeling of being immersed in nature away from the hustle and bustle of life/

Chapa Ecolodge is designed with 6 resort rooms with three types of rooms: Double Room, Twin Room, Triple Room. These room types are suitable for couples, a group of friends or a traveling family.

The design of Homestay Chapa Ecolodge in the Northwest style brings a pure and natural space of the great mountains and forests to help visitors have the best moments of experience when arriving here.

Visit Sapa, resort in the Northwest style!
Visitors will feel attracted to the typical mountainous design when entering Chapa Ecolodge/

The space at Chapa Ecolodge is large, isolated from each other. Each bungalow is a single, separate and self-contained room with full amenities.

Chapa Ecolodge's design is inspired by typical house designs of people in the Northwest mountains. The materials used are familiar things of the people here mainly from wood, fired bricks and stone. This gave Chapa Ecolodge a simple and graceful beauty.

The use of rustic bricks at Chapa Ecolodge creates an ancient feeling, attracts the eyes of the viewer and is easily combined with the overall architecture of the Homestay. The walls are made from baked bricks with good resistance to the effects of the environment. Besides, the ability to sound and heat insulation is also very good. In particular, this design helps investors save considerable costs and reduce construction time. The simple walls, not too fussy help visitors at Chapa Ecolodge find the old feeling of childhood.

Visit Sapa, resort in the Northwest style!
With family and loved ones, welcome the sunrise, watch the terraced fields and enjoy the fragrant season of the local grasslands/

Especially, as well as considered the highlight of Chapa Ecolodge, are the brocade motifs of ethnic minorities in the Northwest mountains, creating a unique artistic space. Brocade details become even more prominent when combined with white cushions, each detail and color shows up clearly, creating a new and unique living space.

Chapa Ecolodge has a typical Northwest design style of Sa Pa, friendly with the highland culture and nature, making visitors mingle with the indigenous people here.

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